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Sandbag Reminiscences of Bob Cash Sandbag
Remember The Troubles
In 'R' Company, the OC was a Major in the Hampshire Regiment we also had two sergeants, O'Connor from the Queens Royal Irish Hussars and Wright from the Queens Own Hussars. Our Troop commander was a 2lt. Mitchell (Royal Signals) who was followed by a 2lt. Edwards (Royal Signals).
When we left 'R' Company we formed Ypres Troop.
Do you remember the YMCA being set on fire about October 1959? Or the mass breakout of Omndermon Platoon?
One guy I remember in 'R' Company was called Martin Youlett, he had been back-squaded from the previous intake. O'Conner was a bit of a bastard and I remember him making Youlett slow march with his mouth open right onto the end of his pace stick. He was also a great believer in mass punishment, if he could not get the individual to own up then everyone was punished. Because of this we suffered a lot.
Of the permanent staff I remember Capt. Pitkin (R.Sigs) in charge of the photography club.

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