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Sandbag Reminiscences of Ron Bott Sandbag
One Of The Permanent Staff
I was part of the original setup. I was then a Sergeant in the Royal Artillery stationed in Germany. When I was informed of a posting to the AAJL Regiment at Tonfanau, my first words were, "Oh No, not Wales where it rains all the time". It doesn't and I still live within a stones throw of the camp in the village of Abergynolwyn where we have a bed and breakfast at Riverside. I was with Knightsbridge Platoon, as well as Model Aircraft organiser, Football referee and Ski instructer, (we went up to the Cairngorms the year that the snow plough got stuck in the snow), Oh yes, we walked over a few Hills too.
With the Model Aircraft hobby club we managed to win the Arthur Mullett trophy when we went to the British Nationals and took over the crowd control there, I think that this was at Barkston Heath. We were presented with the trophy at the AGM of the SMAE in London. For me it was interesting as I had flown radio controlled target aircraft for the guns to engage at the AA ranges at Todendorf, near Kiel on the Baltic.

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