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Sandbag Reminiscences of David Black Sandbag
Driver Training
After many years and lots of water going under the bridge, I have to admit that after contemplating for a while some of the memories are coming back. I was on the Regimental shooting team (SLR's). I can remember taking my first driving lesson in one of those old 3 speed one ton trucks, 5 mph max in 1st gear, and you couldn't change gear without doubling the clutch. It was around the old gun implacements on the sea front. I fondly remember our trips to the camp on the island on Menai Straights, and the Saturday trips to Bangor. I wasn't so keen on the mountain climbing on Cader Idris. I also remember the time the whole camp went 'Nocternal' for a month, it was differant to say the least. I guess it was good training for all those night shifts we had. I remember the hob nail boots we had with metal studs in the soles. Having to march up and salute for our weekly wages. I wanted to be a Radio Technician, but when they found out I was able to master the art of morse code, my fate was sealed. It was off to Caterick for training as a Radio Telegraphist. I wasn't sure it was a good idea at the time, but of course it was my destiny. I have no complaints. Maybe I'll think of a few more stories some other time. Thanks for the site, I appreciate being able to look in now and again from out here in British Columbia, Canada.

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