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The Talent Contest
There was a popular song at that time (1959 - 60), "Running Bear and Little White Dove" to which I wrote other words, most of which are lost to me now, but included in part:
(First verse)
One fine morning in the Summer
was an inspection of our kit.
And on that lovely Summer morning
Major Jackson had a fit
In the sunlight he could see us
standing there like sacks of spuds.
We looked a proper bloomin' shower
from our chinstraps to our studs.
Major Jackson loved Tunisia
with a love big as the sky
Major Jackson loved Tunisia
but now that love has gone and died.
(2nd Verse)
Corporal Tilling, he stepped forward
a sunny smile upon his face
but to tell the honest story
he was just a big disgrace.
... and that's all I can remember off hand.
With four of the boys singing it (all of them missing their front teeth) it was enough for Tunisia to win the 'C' Company talent contest. Someone has to remember that!

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