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Pull Up A Sandbag
Sandbag Reminiscences of Alan Agar Sandbag
The Long Walk Home
I don't think anyone will remember this episode in my junior career as it happened after being moved from Minden to Waterloo Platoon. One fine summer day we had our usual morning inspection, Sgt Brown was doing it and upon inspecting our rear I was told to get a haircut sharpish today! Well what could I say I knew I had no money, and what they had scheduled for that day no time either? So after fretting about it all day I planned to go absent so I didn't have to go through the wrath of God the next day.
That night when everyone had gone to kip I got my civvies on and crept out of the camp and proceeded down the road to Towyn. I thought that if I just kept walking I'd be able to eat up the miles until morning and see what happened then. By first light I was approaching Machynlleth. I went past the big clock and proceeded down towards the outskirts looking for a shop or somewhere where I could ask for some water. After a short rest I carried on and just kept walking all day in the direction, I hoped, of Chester. That afternoon I was beginning to get sore feet and a few aches so I rested by a small stream and cooled my feet, but they still ached, and I noticed I'd got blisters. I had no choice but to carry on so that's what I did until it started getting dark and by now I was really hungry and my legs and feet were really, really hurting. I rested again, and kept thinking that I was not going to get to a main trunk road, not at this rate, so I decided I'd better get help in the next place I came to.
It was pitch black when I arrived in some little village and just kept looking for some kind of life, then noticed this little police station and with a little effort climbed the steps and entered to the little counter where a bobby was sitting. I said "Hello," he said, "Yes what can I do for you?" whereupon I explained everything to him and once I'd finish he put me in this small waiting room and a little later brought me some tea and sandwiches. After what seemed a lifetime I was taken to Chester by these two Provo Corporals and placed in a Nick somewhere.
The next morning I couldn't believe it as I was given a breakfast to die for and told someone from your Regiment is coming to collect you later today. You can imagine what was going on in my head, Oh bloody no Fagg I bet, but no it was some permanent staff from the 'D' Company office.
On my eventual return to camp I was taken to get medical help at the MRS and told to be on OCs orders in the morning, The outcome of which was 7 days RPs in Full Service Marching Order and in front of guess who, the infamous L/Cpl Fagg. I still had to get that haircut.

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