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16th AGM of the AAJLR Association

30 March 2019
Treasurers Report
Richard Abraham
  1. With cheques received prior to this trip we currently have £422,27 in our account (less the sum of cash I have to pay for the disco) - of which £50.00 is earmarked for Combat Stress from donations so far this year.  Added to which will be any subscriptions paid here plus the proceeds of the raffle this evening.

  2. Monies are held in a simple Nationwide Treasurers Book account which produces about a couple of pence a year interest; details are recorded on a spreadsheet and there is no legal requirement for audit. In the past I've distributed copies at this meeting but I stopped that from last year, instead offering to email the accounts to any member who would like to see them; to date no-one has asked for a copy but please let me know if you would like one, and I'll get it to you next week. After this weekend I will send an updated one to Jim to be forwarded to Ken the website.

  3. ‘Shop’ items (plaque and lapel pin badges) are available from Jim. For those who are unaware we buy the badges for £2 each and sell them for £5; the surplus going to our chosen charity. Ties are out of stock and there are no plans to source anymore due to cost considerations.

  4. We have circulated envelopes and if you are paying your annual subscription, buying shop items or making a donation would you please use those envelopes, marking it clearly with your name and for what the money is intended. This cuts down the likelihood of money going astray, or of my not being able to work out from whom it derived.

  5. The cost of the buffet – for those staying elsewhere to this hotel – must be paid direct to the Min-Y-Mor.

  6. Charities – since 2007 we have supported a number of military charities, donations going to Help for Heroes, the Army Benevolent Fund, St Dunstan’s, SSAFA Forces Help plus three donations to Outward Bound Wales Mountain Rescue. However to date our main charity has been Combat Stress to which we have sent a total of £5,847.00; £500.00 (with another £50.00 due as I've already said) since the last reunion.

  7. At previous meetings I've provided a list of military charities and sought proposer and seconder of each. As you are all aware of those and possibly others I think the best way to decide where our charitable giving goes in 2019-2020 is to invite suggestions from you. If proposed and seconded then we'll make our decision by the usual show of hands.
Any Other Business

  1. As many of you know we hold other gatherings throughout the year – to date most have been held in London. The annual St Fagg’s Day Luncheon this year is next Thursday 4 April, in the Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard. This year, for the first time, ladies are also invited. The Joint AAJLR/ICCY Luncheon will most likely be in November. Both of these excellent occasions are arranged by John Sabini (john.sabini@btopenworld.com) and if anyone would like to be kept informed about either event please let John have your e-mail address and/or contact numbers.
Richard J Abraham
Honorary Treasurer & Vice Chairman
26 March 2019
Addendum to Treasurer's Report
When charitable giving was discussed at the AGM several members gave information - Mike Owsley on Combat Stress, and Henry Holmes on the Gurkha charity. The meeting, when asked to propose what they would prefer to be our charity for the coming year the two below were put forward.
SSAFA. Proposed by Brian Marjoram. Seconded by Doug Hiscott.
ABF. Proposed by John Sabini. Seconded by Mike Owsley.
On a show of hands, SSAFA 8 votes, ABF 12.
Therefore the ABF - The Soldiers' Charity is our charity for 2019-2020.
As a result the three sums already received since 1 January will now go to the ABF and not Combat Stress.
6th. April 2019
Today I have sent a cheque for £500 to our new charity, the ABF (The Soldiers' Charity) formerly The Army Benevolent Fund.
Their website address is https://soldierscharity.org/

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