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Minutes of the annual general meeting (AGM)
of the All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment
held on Saturday 30th March 2019
at the Min-Y-Mor hotel Barmouth.

1. The meeting was opened at 1630hrs our President Larry Smith MBE presiding.
2. Members Present 24
    Larry Smith     Richard Abraham     Jim Sherville
    Mike Owsley     Geoff Brown     David Scott
    Norman Minty     Kenneth Baines     Larry Formosa
    Tom Forrester     Douglas Hiscott     Keith Ring
    Paul Howitt     Henry Holmes     David Hughes
    John Sabini     Steve Larmouth     David Lodge
    John Tootill     Brian Marjoram     Mike Shannon
    Johnny Thompson     Ronald Newman     Terry Jamesion
3. Members who sent their apologies 81
    John Jablonski     Diana Bailey     Mike Ambler
    Jeff Banning     Herbie Slaughter     Stan King
    Keith Dance     Ron Burns     Ron Buckee
    Trevor Dack     Hedley Delahaye     Alan Drinkall
    Terry Scriven     Gus Boag     Mick Stead
    Victor Forsythe     Terry Friend     Mick Freeman
    Trevor Gibbons     Tony Hattersley     Brian Hedger
    Dennis Hill     Nigel Hudson     John Innes
    Eddie Jonas     David Johnson     Robin Kemp
    Eddie Nuttal     Rene Dee     Bob Martin
    Geoffrey Boylan     Adrian Kirkpatrick  Smith     John Larkham
    David Mackney     Alan Moore     Stan Moore
    George Mudie     Alan Nalson     Dennis Nicholson
    Dennis Parry     Barbara Parry     David Perry
    Brian Burke     Clive Stead     Vincent Coombes
    Terry Philp     Fred Philpott     Stan Preece
    Kelvin Raines     Roy Raleigh     Malcolm Ratcliffe
    David Reeves     Chris Roberts     Bob Shedden
    Tom Silverside     Keith Smith     Stewart Smith
    Paul Boundy     Jim O’Hagan     Terry Haffenden
    Mel Smith     Keith Tennant     Lee Tilson
    Alan Tolcher     Dennis Ward     Richard Walters
    Bruce Watson     Bernie Watts     Mick Williams
    Robert Wood     Ray Zala     Peter Woolridge
    Eric Wood     Alan Press     Colin Gunning
    Colin Sibary     Malcolm Palfrey     John Farrell
    Alan Press     Lenny Devenport     Bryan Fuszard
4. President’s Address
Larry thanked all members and their ladies who had once again made the effort to attend our reunion, some of them from a fair distance. He also welcomed two first timers John Tootill, and Ken Baines, not forgetting Herbie Slaughters award of the British Empire Medal (BEM) for his charity work
We lost one of our Honorary members last year our resident DJ who along with his wife Ruth gave us some splendid evenings of music and film over a period of ten years. A card had been received from Ruth which was read out to the Ladies by Jim on the Friday dinner and at the AGM by Larry.
Rick Wise (Gone but not forgotten)

5. Minutes of the 2018 AGM.
Copies of the 2018 minutes had been posted on our Website and also distributed round the meeting members were asked if there were any matters arising for the good and benefit of the association.
There were none
The minutes were passed as read.
Proposed By: Terry Jamieson
Seconded By: Henry Holmes

6. Secretary’s Report
  1. The usual plea to ask all members to make me aware of any changes to their personal details in order that I can keep in touch with them and pass this on to the committee.

  2. I believe that the deposit of £100 for booking your room seemed excessive to some but I have spoken to the Hotel and it may not have been explained very well if you have any reason to cancel your booking Helen is quite happy if you give her one weeks warning you will get your deposit returned, also if you do not wish to pay up front then wait and book through one of the online booking sites nearer the time

  3. For future reunions the meals on Friday/Saturday 1830hrs (6.30pm for those who don’t know the 24hr clock) and AGM on Saturday 1630hrs (4.30pm same reason).

7. Treasurer's Report
  1. Richard gave a brief rundown of the state of the association’s finances, he stated that the full report is published on the AAJLR website attached to the minutes for all to read and if so required he can E-Mail a copy to any member who requests one.

  2. Richard has also produced a post reunion report which will be on the AAJLR website attached to these minutes a good read for all.

  3. Richard has dealt with our charity in his attached treasurers report.

8. AOB.
  1. Henry Holmes has obtained an OP Banner book called "The Battle of the Bogside" and covers from 1969 when the troops were moved onto the streets of Derry.

  2. Paul Howitt brought up the problem of getting access to what is left of our old stamping grounds Tonfanau camp and this has been taken aboard by Richard Abraham who is going to look into the matter and see about sorting out the key to the gates for future old boys who wish to pay homage to their old bed spaces.

  3. The date for next year’s AGM and reunion is the 27th and 28th March 2020.

  There being no further business the meeting was closed at 1700hrs

J H Sherville
Honorary Secretary
AAJLR  Association


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