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Minutes of the AAJLR Comrades Association
Annual General Meeting
by Jim Sherville

Held at the Min-Y-Mor Hotel, Barmouth, Wales
Saturday 24th March 2018

1. The meeting was opened at 1630hrs our President Larry Smith MBE presiding.
2. Members Present 34
   Larry Smith     Richard Abraham     Jim Sherville 
   Mike Owsley     Keith Dance     Keith Tennant 
   Geoff Brown     Stan King     Rene Dee 
   Herbie Slaughter     Larry Formosa     Tam Forrestor 
   Victor Forsythe     Mike Freeman     Douglas Hiscott 
   Henry Holmes     Paul Howitt     David Hughes 
   Terry Jamesion     Steve Larmouth     David Lodge 
   Alan Moore     Ronald Newman     Dennis Parry 
   John Sabini     Keith Smith     Johnny Thompson 
   David Truelove     Bruce Watson     Dennis Nicholson 
   Dave Mackney     David Moore     Geoff Cox 
   Charles Hollinrake           
3. Members who sent their apologies 57
   Michael Ambler     Peter Badrick     Terry Friend 
   Gus Boag     Ian Boyd     Geoffrey Boylan 
   John Burns     Nicholas Carling     Ian Drew 
   Alan Drinkall     Ken Durant     Richard Gale 
   Kalvin Haley     Brian Fuszard     Keith Glen 
   Trevor Gibbons     Ken Grapes     Stan Green 
   Colin Gunning     Tony Hattersley     Brian Hedger 
   Dennis Hill     John Innes     John Jablonski 
   Robin Kemp     John Larkham     Len Little 
   Gareth Maclatchy     Brian Marjoram     Norman Minty 
   Alan Nalson     Eddie Nuttal     Jim O'Hagan 
   Malcolm Palfrey     Terry Philp     Fred Phillpot 
   Stan Preece     Alan Press     Malcolm Peplow 
   Chris Roberts     Peter Rogerson     Terry Scriven 
   Bob Shedden     Stewart Smith     Clive Stead 
   Lee Tilson     Alan Tolcher     Richard Walters 
   Harry Ward     Bernie Watts     Roy Williams 
   Robert Wood     Peter Wooldridge     Bill Yeomanson 
   Stanislaw Zajac     Ray Zala     Ken Hart 
   Stan Moore           
  47 members did not reply.
4. President’s Address
Larry then addressed the meeting and welcomed all members and their ladies who had made the effort to travel down some from a fair distance and promised them as usual a splendid weekend.
He then asked all members to stand and observe a minutes silence for all those who have passed on since our last reunion. Gone but not forgotten;
Benny McSherry - Brian Bielby
It was also noted that several of our members are ill or disabled and may not be able to attend future reunions and from all in the association we send them our best wishes. The secretary who runs the Database has a record of all concerned and will keep the association informed.

5. Minutes of the 2017 AGM.
Copies of the 2017 minutes had been distributed round the meeting and also posted on the AAJLR website members were asked if there were any comments arising from those minutes.
There were none
The minutes were passed as read.
Proposed By: Geoff Brown
Seconded By: Ron Newman

6. Secretary’s Report
  1. The usual plea was made to all members asking them to inform the secretary of any changes to any of their details held on the database especially their E-Mail address, this is most important as it saves a lot of time and effort when sending out the 2019 memo about the reunion.

  2. The following members have attended for the first time and were welcomed by everyone.
    Mick Freeman, David Mackney (from Australia), David Moore, David Lodge.

  3. All subscriptions should in the first instance be sent to Richard Abraham (Treasurer), if I do however receive them I will forward them to him.

  4. For future Reunions the Meals on the Frid/Sat will be 1830hrs and the AGM on the Saturday 1630hrs.

7. Treasurer's Report
  1. The Treasurer Richard Abraham gave a brief rundown of the state of the associations finances as he stated a copy of his report will be published on the AAJLR Website for all to read and E-Mail copies can be sent to any member if so requested

  2. Several charities were put forward for consideration
    Gurkha Welfare Trust
    Combat Stress
    But on the vote the charity this year is once again Combat Stress
  Proposed by:- Mike Owsley
Seconded by:- Stan King

8. AOB.
  1. Richard spoke on the Annual St. Faggs Day Luncheon, and also on the AAJLR/ICCY Luncheon a copy of the full arrangements for both events are attached within his treasurers report.

  2. Bruce Watson proposed changing the current days from a W/E to a Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday. It was seconded by Ron Newman, Not Carried.

  3. The secretary discussed his visit to the Army Foundation College (AFC) Harrogate to watch the dress rehearsal for the pass out parade. He was hosted throughout the visit and shown around the establishment and given lunch. Very impressive the bottom line is that members of the AAJLR association and their Wives are invited back for the summer graduation parade. If there is interest he will contact the unit and arrange the visit. Date not known as at this time but details will appear on FB and the AAJLR website ASAP.

  4. The Min Y Mor as is their right have raised the deposit Fee to £100 this was discussed at length amongst members and the conclusion was that each individual will have to make their own decision whether to book immediately at the Hotel or wait out and book nearer the date of the next AGM and reunion and hope to get a room, or simply go elsewhere. All we say at this point is that the Venue suits us the service provided cannot be faulted, and we as a committee would hate to see a fall in numbers. Also for those staying elsewhere but who wish to book in for the Friday/Saturday evening meal and Buffet will be required to pay up front.

  5. A special mention must be made to the four women who led by Sherpa Sheila Thompson scrabbled up Cader. Of course driven by a sense of shame they were accompanied by five mountain Goats, bleating all the way to the top.
    Sheila Thompson, Tracy Crosby, Carol Nicholson, Angela Hughes.
    Johnny Thompson, David Hughes, Dennis Nicholson, Darren Nicholson, Stuart Hall.
    A collection organised by the two Keith’s collected a sum in excess of £100 which was given to Sheila for her nominated Charity.
    Not forgetting our resident mountaineer Rene Dee and his friend David Mackney Who went up the difficult route (So they say).

  6. A small presentation was made to Rick and Ruth Wise for their 10 years of providing us with their unique Disco and picture show, many thanks from us all and long may it continue. The gift of an engraved candle was provided by TICH.

  7. We are a shrinking association and I would on behalf of the committee ask that in order to keep going we need to encourage as many members as possible to come along to the reunions and enjoy good company splendid scoff and a chance to renew friendships with people we may not have seen since the closure of the AAJLR in 1966. To that end members are politely asked to encourage any members that they know to come along and join us.

  8. The date for the 2019 AGM and reunion is the 29th, 30th, and 31st, March.

  There being no further business the meeting was closed at 1715hrs

J H Sherville
Honorary Secretary
AAJLR  Association


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