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Minutes of the AAJLR Comrades Association
Annual General Meeting
by Jim Sherville

Held at the Min-Y-Mor Hotel, Barmouth, Wales
Saturday 31st March 2017

The meeting was opened at 1705hrs our Chairman Larry Smith MBE presiding. There were 32 members present.
Apologies for Absence:
The following tendered their apologies:-
 Rene Dee     Ian Boyd     John Burns 
 Malcolm Ratcliffe   Thomas Brady   Tom Silverside 
 Norman Minty   Alan Press   Dennis Ward 
 Alan Tolcher   Raymond Zala   Bernie Watts 
 Fred Phillpot   Clive Stead   Tony Hattersley 
 Ted Pillinger   Richard Walters   John Innes 
 Alan Drinkall   Keith Glenn   Andy Dewar 
 Gus Boag   Trevor Dack   Stan Preece 
 Terence Philp   Kalvin Haley   Gareth MacLatchy 
 Bernard McSherry   Peter Wilkinson   Lee Tilson 
 Terry Scriven   Keith Ring   Rogan Taylor 
 David Hughes   Kelvin Raines   David Reeves 
 Peter Wooldridge     Colin Gunning     Eddie Nuttall 
 John Jablonski     Mick Stead     Robert Martin 
 Paul Boundy     Peter Jennings     Dennis Hill 
 Nicholas Carling     Peter Badrick     John Larkham 
 Robin Kemp     Terry Doyle     Bill Sherman 
 Eddie Jonas     Terry Friend     Alan Nalson 
 Len Little     Robert Wood     David Mackney 
 Lenny Devenport     Geoff Boylan     Malcolm Palfrey 
Total 60
President’s Address
Larry Smith then addressed the meeting and welcomed all those who had made the effort to attend including their good ladies and promised as usual a splendid weekend. He then asked all members to stand for a minutes silence to remember those comrades or ladies who have passed on to greater things since our last reunion. Gone but not forgotten;
Tom Gracie. Carol Moore. Barbara Silverside.
It was also noted that one of our members Benny McSherry is very seriously ill with Motor Neurone Disease our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes had been distributed around the room and had been posted on the AAJLR website members were asked if there were any comments or propositions for the good and benefit of the association.
There were none
Proposal: That the minutes be passed as read.
Proposed By: Henry Holmes
Seconded By: Keith Dance

Secretary’s Report
  1. Firstly the usual plea to all members that any change to their contact details are reported to me as it is the only way I can keep in contact with you, I also need to know of any deaths or serious illnesses. This is in order to send the appropriate condolences or get well cards as it shows we care.

  2. The members approved the AAJLR specific Condolence card and this in future will be sent out from the Association to the family of the deceased. It can also be adapted and sent out as a get well soon card, or to celebrate a persons or a couples special event. Any member can e-mail me with the details and I will sort it out.

  3. It was brought up that it might be a good idea to also list all members of the Association who attend the reunions, not a problem and this will appear in future minutes.

  4. All subscriptions should be sent to Richard the Treasurer as he is the only person who can bank the cheques. I notice on the AAJLR website that it is me who should receive the subscription cheques from those not at the AGM. I will have this changed.

  5. Any requirements for pin badges or plaques can be sent to me, cost is Plaque £12, Pin Badges £5. With the badges when the purchase cost has been deducted the rest goes to charity.

Treasurer's Report
  1. Richard read out the salient points from his financial report a copy of which is below as Appendix 1.

  2. The charity for this year is Combat Stress.
Proposed by:-  Henry Holmes
Seconded by:-  Stan King

Any Other Business
  1. Richard spoke on the annual St Fagg's Day Luncheon, organised by John Sabini, and confirmed that it would be held on the 20 April at the Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard, London.

  2. The Reunion next year 2018 is the W/E 23-24 March. The timings for Saturday night have been changed slightly to suit the hotel, however it was raised by Brian Marjoram that an earlier AGM could be to the disadvantage of those who climb Cadair Idris. That can be reviewed in subsequent years.
    It was agreed that the timings for this weekend would be as follows:

    AGM 1630hrs
    Buffet Dinner 1830hrs

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 1740hrs

The next Annual General Meeting will be held on 24th March 2018
J H Sherville
Honorary Secretary
AAJLR  Association
--- Minutes End Here ---

From outside the meeting but worthy of note
It would appear that certain ladies have committed themselves to climbing Cadair Idris next year (perhaps they should be committed) they will be accompanied by Stan King (Medic) who is looking forward to a bit of mouth to mouth resuscitation or as he put it would prefer CPR.
The ladies who said they would go up Cadair Idris are;
Trish Owsley
Diana Bailey
Sheila Thompson
Carol Nicholson
Tracey Crosby
Rachel Nicholson
They are hoping other ladies would put their names forward.
They are also starting a 'Just Giving' page and will donate all the monies raised to Combat Stress through the AAJLR Association.
Secondly to all those who contributed to the Brain Cancer Charity with which Henry Holmes is involved a huge thank you to everyone and £200 was raised on our Carvery night. The charity was aided on the night by a local of the hotel, Gary Glover. The generosity of folks is so heartening.

Addendum 1
14th AGM of the AAJLR Association
1st April 2017
Treasurers Report
Richard Abraham
  1. With cheques received prior to this trip we currently have £21.34 in our account. However I also have £300 cash towards any expenses this weekend. Realistically those will probably only be the Disco cost plus any reimbursement to Jim for postage. Therefore it is likely about £100 of that will go back into funds. Added to which will be any subscriptions paid here plus the proceeds of the raffle this evening.

  2. Monies are held in a simple Nationwide Treasurers Book account which produces about a couple of pence a year interest; details are recorded on a spreadsheet and there is no legal requirement for audit. In the past I've distributed copies at this meeting but I stopped that from last year, instead offering to email the accounts to any member who would like to see them; to date no-one has asked for a copy but please let me know if you would like one, and I'll get it to you next week. After this weekend I will send an updated one to Ken for adding to the website.

  3. ‘Shop’ items (plaque and lapel pin badges) are available from Jim. For those who are unaware we buy the badges for £2 each and sell them for £5; the surplus going to our chosen charity. Ties are out of stock and my endeavours to seek replacements have met with the problem of high costs. Added to which we should need to order a large quantity to keep the price down as much as possible. It is questionable whether we would be able to sell that number. Your comments and suggestions would be welcomed.

  4. We have circulated envelopes and if you are paying your annual subscription, buying shop items or making a donation would you please use those envelopes, marking it clearly with your name and for what the money is intended. This cuts down the likelihood of money going astray, or of my not being able to work out from whom it derived.

  5. The cost of the buffet – for those staying elsewhere to this hotel – must be paid direct to the Min-Y-Mor.

  6. Charities – since 2007 we have supported a number of military charities, donations going to Help for Heroes, the Army Benevolent Fund, St Dunstan’s, SSAFA Forces Help plus three donations to Outward Bound Wales Mountain Rescue. However to date our main charity has been Combat Stress to which we have sent a total of £4,792.87.

    At previous meetings I've provided a list of military charities and sought proposer and seconder of each. As you are all aware of those and possibly others I think the best way to decide where our charitable giving goes in 2017-2018 is to invite suggestions from you. If proposed and seconded then we'll make our decision by the usual show of hands.
Any Other Business
  1. As many of you know we hold other gatherings throughout the year – to date most have been held in London. The annual St Fagg’s Day Luncheon this year is on Thursday 20 April, in the Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard. The Joint AAJLR/ICCY Luncheon will most likely be in November. Both of these excellent occasions are arranged by John Sabini and if anyone would like to be kept informed about either event please let John have your e-mail address and/or contact numbers.
Richard J Abraham
Honorary Treasurer & Joint Vice Chairman
1 April 2016


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