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'R' Company Photographs

Photograph from Richard Rothwell

June 1963

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1 Platoon - Mid-Term.
Back Row - Left to Right
J. Redstone - P. Pratt - P. McAteer - P. Rolls - M. Danielson - J. Jardine
Third Row - Left to Right
B. Swan - G. Hagwell - D. Wakeling - P. McCorry - M. Steinlett - P. Wilkinson - S. Murray - D. Marr - C. Mather
Second Row - Left to Right
B. Bence - W. Sidney - S. Mayall - G. Furber - N. Sidebottom - D. McInimery - I. Roach - R.M. Rothwell - R. Thompson - B. Gillott
Seated - Left to Right
M. Rimmer - R. Van Spyke - A.D.F. Merrick - Sgt. C.H. Payne - Lt. W.R. Barker - Sgt. G.E. Rawlings - N. Haughton - J. Gillies - K. Sparshott

S. Roberts was also in 1 Platoon but is not shown on this photo.
Both B. Swann and W. [Bill] Sidney who are both shown above, bought themselves out before the Passout.

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