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Photograph from Ernie Reid

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Hadrian's Camp - Carlisle 1960.
Ernie Writes:
When we came back from our second to last leave at Tonfanau we were sent to Hadrian's Camp, Carlisle where we finished our training and were eventually sent to Catterick for postings.
This is a photo of the lads who served at Carlisle. As you can see they are all Junior Leaders, no army apprentices, so there must be some guys who remember going there. I am sure that Jim Head, David Sharpe, Chalky White, Sydercombe, and Humphries were with me, so maybe this will jar a few memories.
Keith Glenn Writes:
This appears to be 'C' Company outside 'C' Company offices some time in very late 60 or early 61.
I say this because I am in this photo and certainly never went to Carlisle. I recognise most of Rhine platoon, including PS Sgt. Bielby, and NS 2nd. Lt. Paige. Rhine platoon are mainly on the left hand side of the photo mixed in with a few others. I think I am in the rear rank and 4th. from the left.

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