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Photograph from Tom Thomson

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Outward Bound Course 1961.
This photo was taken in early 1961. The names on the back have become somewhat unreadable but the nicknames look to be Spike, Sparks, Tiny and it could possibly be Dutch, the rest are too faded to read. The lads were mostly from the Royal Signals. I suspect the All Arms must have been home to some as well as the Apprentice School. Maybe faces will be recognized and memories revived. I for one will never forget "Climb Every Mountain" (Shirley Bassey 1961) as the course went on the temptation to throw the radio out the window became stronger and stronger.
I noticed that one of the O.B. school photo's on your site has Willie Wilson who became the J/ RSM at Oswestry. He and I were in the same platoon.
I would be interested in contacting anyone who remembers me. I have been in contact with a couple of old boys from Oswestry and am fishing around following some leads to find more.
I remember a Junior Gunner called Spence who could have been a member of the All Arms. He was a member of a Junior Cycle team in the Army Cycling Championship. I had the pleasure of racing against him when he stopped our team from getting 1st., 2nd. and 3rd., he was a good Cyclist but very unlucky to meet our strong team of that year. I remember that he had all second and thirds but never stopped trying. I respected him a lot and would like to track him down if possible. But then I suppose that 42 years is a long time.

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