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The Guardhouse

A story from Dave Moore

Surprise Meeting On A Train
In the Autumn of 1963 I was 17 and having obtained a pass to go off camp one Saturday, I with some some other lads hopped on a train and went to Dolgellau.
After arriving there we wandered around looking to chat up the local girls. As usual we had no success and found ourselves in a local pub. The landlord was very good and we had a couple of pints before seeking food, fish and chips. Following this we did some more wandering around town before getting the train back to camp.
The train was crowded and a group of us stood in the corridor. What a surprise when we heard the soft sweet voice of L/Cpl Fagg, "You bin fxkin' drinkin'". "No corp was our reply". "Smell your F-in' breff". He marched up to me and placed his face inches from mine. I opened my mouth and held my breath so as not exhale beer smelling breath. This seemed to satisfy him and he went on down the train looking for some other unfortunate.
I did get jankers at some other time, three days RP's for what I can't remember. Fagg must have been away on leave or something as I didn't get inspected with him there. I expect he's tormenting the angels or is in the other place right hand man to Satan.

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