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The Guardhouse

A story from Brian 'Snowy' Kemp

I've Plucked Up The Courage
I met Lance Corporal Fagg many times during my stay at Tonfanau because I spent far too long at her Majesties pleasure. Mostly for returning late back to camp after leave.
Anyway one day whilst I was doing cookhouse duties he bet he could arm wrestle me for five Woodbines.
Being as I was a ef'ing boy soldier with no ef'ing upper body strength he couldn't ef'ing loose.
Corporal Fagg lost that bet and I think it's time he paid his dues.
I, like everyone else was nervous of Corporal Fagg so I didn't pursue the matter, but now after 50 years I have plucked up the courage to mention the outstanding debt.
Please send me my Woodbines as soon as possible.

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