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The Guardhouse

A story from Richard Duval

A Voice From The Past
In 1967 the casualty clearing section which I was part of was sent from 19 Field Ambulance to support the Royal Green Jackets on exercise with the brigade on Salisbury plain. While putting up our 160 pound tent in the warm sunshine I had removed my jacket exposing my old AAJLR stable belt. A voice behind me said, "Are you one of the boys from Tonfanau?".
Turning around I found I was face to face with the man I spent avoiding for one year and nine months at the camp, Lance Corporal Fagg.
On saying Yes! he shook my hand and said it had been his best time ever and he thought the Boys were the tops. On wishing me well he turn and left.
I was left in a bit of a daze and needed a mug of hot sweet tea. [The treatment for sudden shock].

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