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The Guardhouse

A story from Adam Lockhart

59 Days With Fagg
I have read all the letters regarding time spent in the Tonfanau guardhouse and was near to tears at the stories told. What surprises me is that no one appears to have spent any time in it with L/Cpl Fagg, Tweed & Co. I actually spent quite a few spells in the guardhouse with that merry bunch. I have also been back to the camp and can assure you my name was, at that time, still embellished on the wall (that means Graffiti). Anyway enough of that crap for now. In total from my joining to escape I spent 59 days in the said calaboose, most of which was of course not my fault. Would you believe that I was locked up for making a remark in religious studies (that I still stand by today) but that's another story. I remember praying that it would be Tweed that would take me to saw up the railway sleepers, left by our good friend Dr Beaching, for burning in the boiler house. This exercise as it was called was performed with a two man saw with me on one end and nobody on the other end, Tweed did help if no one was looking and gave me a ciggi every now and again (bless him) and I mean that.
As you can see from the above scriptures I am quite a serious person then and now but let's make light of it and get down to the bare facts of the matter in hand.
My last spell in jail at Tonfanau was for instigating a mass breakout in rebellion against Sgt. Haddow (anybody seen Midnight Express) the OC offered me 7 days RP and of course asked me if I accepted, "No chance!" I answered. So this was then reduced to 7 days confinement, think about it, no parades, 1st in the Q for meals and mega respect from 'R' Company.
I sometimes wonder where it all went wrong when I think of the time I was commended by Major Gladwyn for bringing all those lost souls down to safety from Cader Idris, I wonder if they remember it.
Does anyone remember we had a skiffle group (that's music, son) in Tonfanau. I played the washboard and we made a record which was pressed on stainless steel with a vinyl coating, 50 copies were made and we had a right game trying to sell them to pay the bill. My mother-in law can't find my copy (anybody got one).

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