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The Guardhouse

A story from Dave Wakelam

At the Double..... Swim
The lads in the nick ate their meals in the A/D Company cookhouse and were escorted in to the front of the queue, and thence to the Permanent J/NCOs dining room. They were then escorted out, fallen in outside the cookhouse and doubled away back to the nick. There was an RASC lad from 'D' Company in close arrest whose name I believe was Dick Alsopp, he was a dark skinned lad and a real character to boot. He used to arrive into the cookhouse to applause to which he then wind the RPs up by bowing and waving. Anyway, one day he was being escorted out by Fagg, when Fagg stopped to bollock somebody else who was still eating. Instead of falling in on the road, Dick did a runner, all the way across the gun emplacements into the sea. Fagg had to chase him into the water in his best boots and BD.
On his release, Dick confessed he had only done to get Fagg in the shit for not looking after his prisoners properly. Getting him wet was a bonus!

Incidentally, does anybody else remember Fagg getting posted back to his regiment, but volunteering to come back a couple of months later? I remember the day he reappered in the cookhouse. You never heard 400 people go quiet so quickly!!

I also remember Fagg making somebody from the nick sweep the road uphill past the gym with a bass broom, into the wind. Every time a leaf or a piece of paper blew past him, Fagg made the lad start again.
One other unsavoury deed was doubling two lads up the same hill with the fire trailer. One of them dropped in his tracks, so Fagg and the other RP helped him up. 'Hmmm. Strange!' I thought, but true to form, all they did was clamp the lad's hands to the towing handle and start him off again!

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