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The Guardhouse

A story from Tony Davis

Nights In The Nick
I arrived at Tonfanau at 0200hrs on the morning of January 10th 1961. I had travelled by train from Bournemouth and been dumped at Machynthleth? Two RP's collected me in a champ and took me to the camp. I was just 15, first time away from home and bloody terrified. As it was so late I had to bed down in the guardroom for the night. I didn't sleep a wink, I think I wet myself a few times but I didn't sleep a wink.
In the morning, it was still dark and of course raining, I was told to get up and wait outside.
I was just left there in the rain. It couldn't have been long before I heard the new sound of ammo boots on gravel. I turned in the direction of the noise and forced out a nervous but friendly smile. I still can't remember what the words were he spat at me, I thought he was from another planet. All I know is he scared me silly. I think I may have wet myself again. I think it was later in the day that I was told his name............... "That is Lance Corporal Fagg......... and he eats new recruits".
I avoided Fagg till about August that year. I had missed the weekend coach back to camp and decided to stay at home. Those days were different to now. It wasn't long before the police came for me and took me back to their place. They were very decent. It was Sunday and instead of giving me a rail warrant to get back to Tonfanau they called the then still in use Military Prison at Shepton Mallet. Weren't they kind!!!
Spending the night at Shepton Mallet is not something I wish to talk about, nor never will, because nobody would believe me.
I eventually got back to Tonfanau where I had the pleasure of meeting Faggy once more. Oh how kind he was..... More pee.
Recently my wife and I went back to Tonfanau, don't ask me why.
It's all gone now, except for the guardroom that is. I even took some photo's of the very cell I had spent the night in some 42 years before. Sad or what. The memories came flooding back. I kept looking over my shoulder, expecting him to come in. I couldn't explain to my wife why I suddenly needed to go for a pee. She wouldn't understand. Nobody would. Unless you were there. Unless you had known Lance Corporal Fagg.
Kind regards to all who remember and still have the nightmares.

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