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Document from Steve Wright

On 6th. May the first intake of Junior Leaders began to arrive at this new Regiment composed of Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Artillery, Royal Signals and Infantry, which is situated at Tonfanau, near Towyn, North Wales. The camp, which has its own railway station, is surrounded on three sides by the beautiful Welsh Mountains of the Snowdonia National Park and on the fourth by the sea. (Those who have attended Outward Bound Courses may not agree with this!).
The Staff, which in the initial stages was mainly Royal Signals but has now evened itself out, is working hard to get the camp ready. In R.H.Q. the Corps is well represented with Captain D.A. Barry and Lieutenant R.F. Hills as Adjutant and Assistant Adjutant respectively, and Sergeant H.R. Bennett from S.R.D.E., as Orderly Room Sergeant. S.Q.M.S. A.S. Merchant from 90 Signal Regiment is to be found in the Q.M. Stores, and S.S.M. C.D. Evis from 2 Training Regiment, controls H.Q. Company until the Royal Signals Company exists as a separate entity.
'C' Company, which initially will have two Platoons of Gunners and two Platoons of Signals (a unique organisation!) is commanded by Major T.G.H. Jackson, M.B.E., with a strong representation from the Corp's own Junior Leaders Regiment of Sergeant D.M. Eldridge (hockey stick in hand), Sergeant E.W. Osborne (last seen hanging from some rocks), Sergeant P.F. Simmonds and Sergeant H. Chitticks. S.Q.M.S. J.R. Overton from 4 (Independent Squadron), 4 Training Regiment, and Sergeant W. Coxon, after a very long stay in Scotland, have quickly settled into the team. Captain E.W. Hunt, also from Denbury, who is to become second-in-command of the Recruit Company when it forms in June, is again at work in the Social Club getting the top twenty sorted out.
Extract From The Wire Magazine
May 1959.

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