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Report And Photographs from John Sabini

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<<< Quote Ref: re16p_034 >>> Richard Abraham Operating The State Of The Art Faggatron Digital Blessing Machine.
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<<< Quote Ref: re16p_035 >>> Richard Abraham Attempting To Make Digital Contact Via Skype To Our Beloved Hermes Fagg.
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<<< Quote Ref: re16p_036 >>> Trapped In The Bar.
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St Fagg's Day Luncheon 2016
Civil Service Club, Whitehall.
April 26th saw 12 dedicated pilgrims make the long and hazardous journey to St Fagg's (2nd) spiritual home in Central London - The Civil Service Club.
We met in the lower sanctum (the bar) where we each deposited 20 x beer vouchers in order to commence celebrating St Fagg - The Patron Saint of Dental Excellence.
After several flagons of excellent real ale we climbed the winding staircase to the first floor temple of food and wine to scoff and drink plus recall happy boyhood memories of the beloved St Fagg.
We were joined by two new Faggsters this year - David Scott (AAJLR) & Robin Chapman (ex MoD).
After several hours at our festive board we descended the winding stairs to burn off our remaining beer vouchers.
In due course we called ENDEX and moved to our peace time locations.
St Fagg's Day Luncheon 2017 will again be at The Civil Service Club in the 3rd week of April - date to be advised.

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