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All Arms Junior Leaders' Regiment / Inns of Court and City Yeomanry
Joint Luncheon
The Civil Service Club, London
Tuesday 17th. November 2015.
The day followed the standard format of meeting in the bar for a small sherry and soft drinks we then moved to the main dining room for a pleasant meal.
Conversations ebbed and flowed across the dinning table the main subjects being flower arranging, medieval poetry and the finer points of brass rubbing!
Post lunch we moved back to the bar - Reverted to type and got blitzed on copious amounts of real ale and G & T's.
Lead by John Burns & Paul Cox (guest of Richard Abraham) an hoc Combo Choir swung into action! After disturbing the peace of the bar for a couple of hours we dispersed to our relevant peace time locations.
Combo 2016 will again be in mid Nov at the CSC.
Attendees on the day -
  • Peter Caton
  • Philip Gordon (ICCY)
  • Denis Farthing (DOSC F & F list)
  • Lawrance Ward
  • Paul Howard (MoD)
  • John Burns AAJLR)
  • John Sabini (AAJLR)
  • Fred Philpot (AAJLR)
  • Richards Abraham (AAJLR)
  • Paul Cox
  • Andy Mendez
John Sabini

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