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Report And Photographs from John Sabini

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St Fagg's Day Luncheon 2015
Civil Service Club, Whitehall.
April 23rd saw the annual gathering of Faggsters at The Civil Serice Club London SW1.
The group honoured our Patron "The Venerable Fagg"" by celebrating his memory in food, drink and jolly banter (just like being back in The AAJLR NAAFI!).
There was a good mix of Faggsters (AAJLR) & Black Brogues (ICCY) who combined well to make more disruptive noise than the two larger groups that were in the main dinning room with us.
With the circulation of the port the standard toasts were taken with John Burns ending the round with a combined "Absent Friends, St. Fagg & St. George" all combined in one ode. (John did break into song later on but by luck I was out of the room at the time!).
Post lunch (we were the last out of the dining room) showing our military prowess we embarked on a "Search & Destroy" mission.
Search for the bar and destroy your liver.
As always we were well looked after by the CSC staff and had an enjoyable day all round.

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