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All Arms Junior Leaders' Regiment / Inns of Court and City Yeomanry
Joint Luncheon
The Civil Service Club, London
Wednesday 12th. November 2014.
We were in the newly refurbished Elizabethan Room. As per normal the food and service was up to CSC's high standard.
THe following should be mentioned in dispatches;
Richard Abraham for reviving the AAJLR Regimental motto as part of the toast to the regiment "Pecidado Hoc Ludo Militas"
John Burns for delivering an inspired "Absent Friends" toast (based on a "Pittance in Time).
John Burns (again) for managing to go for three and a half hours without bursting into song!
Laurance Ward for toasting The 10th Gurkha Rifles.
(I can't remember why we did this!) but next year we expect it to be in Nepalese!!!!!
Attendees on the day -
  • Les Clark (ICCY)
  • Philip Gordon (ICCY)
  • Denis Farthing (DOSC F & F list)
  • Lawrance Ward
  • Paul Howard (MoD)
  • John Burns AAJLR)
  • John Sabini (AAJLR)
  • Fred Philpot (AAJLR)
  • Richards Abraham (AAJLR)

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