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Report And Photographs from Richard Abraham and John Sabini

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St Fagg's Day Luncheon 2013
Civil Service Club, Whitehall.
Thursday 25 April saw this year’s gathering of dedicated pilgrims travel to our Mecca (The Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard) to pay deference to The Patron Saint of Khaki Bullying - The Venerable St Hermes Fagg, former Lance Corporal from the blessed land of Tonfanau
Twelve Faggsters travelled from the four corners of the universe to take part in this unique form of homage which involves acts of penance including the quaffing of several gallons of fine English ale and stuffing down a three course meal (we did try self-flagellation one year but several pilgrims found this very enjoyable and that went against the serious nature of our duty) followed by Port and important toasts. Prior to the formal start of the event, the Senior Executive Committee of The H Fagg Society met in the Ship & Shovell, Craven Passage to whet the managerial whistles, at which point it was decided that our much revered (not!) former Regimental Policeman from The All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment (AAJLR) should be awarded an appropriate “posthumous” regimental motto. To this end the following was adopted and used by pilgrim John Burns as a prelude to the regimental toast - "Pecidado Hoc Ludo Militias". The homage festival lasted from 1200 to 1700 hours, the rear guard departing the CSC when there was an influx of non-believers from the adjacent Government buildings. In conclusion, it was decided at our very informal AGM (actually a brief chat over post-nosh ale) that the 2014 St Fagg’s Day Luncheon will again be in April – on a date to be notified – at the Civil Service Club. On a serious note this is an enjoyable gathering to which all those with a connection to the AAJLR, British Forces – past and present and like-minded folk are very welcome. It is also an inexpensive day generally comprising a blue-folding-beer voucher (20 quid) into the ale kitty and around a further twenty, paid post event by cheque to Faggster-in-Chief Sabini.

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