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Reunion Report From Larry Smith

We sat at home last Friday debating whether to go to Barmouth or travel up on the Saturday. On a whim at 1300 hrs we took off in our Corsa. We arrived from Yorkshire 4 hours later. I have to commend the local councils in Wales as they kept the roads open. Sadly some members couldn’t make it to the cleared roads in their respective towns and villages and could not make it. 70 did make it and enjoyed a great reunion.
Members and their good ladies had arrived from afar. Stan Preece and Ken Hare and their good ladies Pat and Lynne had arrived from Australia, Colin Gunning from Canada, Sam Gribben and his family from Northern Ireland and Tom Gracie and family from Dundee.
A special welcome was given to our honoured guest, William Powell the Liberal Democratic Representative for Mid and West Wales. The proceedings began with a Friday night carvery which was superb. This was followed by a few warmers into the bank and the chance for new members to mix. On the Saturday there was no let up with the weather and fierce gales continued to pound Barmouth and the surrounding hills and sadly the attempt on Cader was cancelled. René is thanked for all the hard work he put in to the venture. Not forgetting the climbers who had trained hard.
Several old boys made the trip to the camp by car as the trains were not running. The main aim at the Tonfanau camp was to see the new bridge which opens soon. It is for pedestrians and bikers, livestock and emergency vehicles.
An AGM was held at 1730 hrs. The details will appear in the Minutes of the meeting on the Comrades website. In freezing conditions, and wearing only jackets and ties we managed to pose for a group photograph at the front of the hotel.
We sat down at 1930 for the reunion dinner. Once again the food was first class. The usual “Junior Leaders Disco” played 60s music in the background.
On your behalf I wrote to Her Majesty’s Private Secretary "As President, I should be grateful if you would pass on my humble duty to Her Majesty The Queen and inform her that this year the All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment Comrades’ Association is holding its tenth annual reunion dinner at the Min-y-Mor Hotel, Barmouth, Gwynedd on Saturday 23rd March 2013. All Members wish to convey to Her Majesty their loyal greetings their eternal affection and their assurance of dedicated service."
The reply from the Queen “Please convey my warm thanks to the Members of the All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment Comrades’ Association for their message of loyal greetings, sent on the occasion of their Tenth Annual Reunion Dinner which is being held tonight at the Min-y-Mor Hotel, Barmouth. I much appreciate your thoughtfulness in writing as you did and in return, send my best wishes to all those who are present for a memorable and enjoyable evening."
The toasts followed on and Richard proposed a toast to the Regiment with Herbie toasting the Ladies. Correspondence from Prince Philip and Prince Harry was also read out. Richard read out a letter received from the Palace concerning Royal matters. René then gave a short report on the events of the day and the build-up to the project to climb Cader.
Titch Brown then presented wax mementos, suitably engraved, to Larry, René, Richard and Mike for their sterling service to the Comrades association in the past 10 years. Our Australian members presented an authentic Didgeridoo, an Australian military cap and 3 pieces of Ayers Rock for auction. This was much appreciated. The proceeds would go to Combat Stress.
The raffle was conducted by Val, Trish and June. The proceeds were also to go to Combat Stress. Finally at breakfast the photographer produced a CD of photos taken the previous evening. These can be purchased from Mike. A bravery award goes to Jim Sherville for wearing a Kilt in extreme conditions.
After a hearty breakfast members departed promising that they would return again next year!

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If you have any reunion photos I would love to show them.

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