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All Arms Junior Leaders' Regiment / Inns of Court and City Yeomanry
Joint Luncheon
Civil Service Club, Great Scotland Yard, London
Thursday 22nd. November 2012.
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The Intelligence Corps. Two!.
Left to right:
Fred Philpott and Gavin Greenwood.
Thursday 22nd. November and the hordes (well fourteen to be precise) of the Black Brogues (ICCY) and the H Fagg Society (AAJLR) invaded the tranquil calm of The Civil Service Club for our 3rd Combined Regimental Lunch (a spin off from the St Fagg's Day Lunch!)
For some reason The CSC had introduced their Christmas Menu (in November!!!!!!!!) which meant selecting either lunch at 12 noon or 2.30 pm. We choose 2.30 pm giving the hordes more time in the bar (recipe for disaster!)
The CSC had obviously over estimated the potential diners for the early session and kept making repeated and futile attempts to move us up to the dining area to kick off early. They sent in their most attractive female receptionist to try and achieve their objectives. But The Brogues & The Faggsters stood their ground and ordered another round of drinks! On eventually ascending to the dining area we found only two people dining!!
John Burns said Grace with an interesting Celtic twist (a precursor of things to come) and the lunch then progressed in its time honoured way of noisy jollity and banter (thus driving off the 2 other diners)
In due course the port was produced, passed to the left, and: -
The Loyal Toast was given by Laurence Ward (Geoff Graves maintained his regimental tradition and remained seated - this being in honour of his regiment having served on Royal Navy ships with marines where there was insufficient room to stand)
Richard Abraham (No "S") toasted The AAJLR - with an interesting mini preamble.
Bob Smith toasted The ICCY (Bob being former QM staff of The ICCY HSF Sqn. overcame his instincts and refrained from asking for any "extra messing" fees!)
The formal-ish part of the lunch being over the first performance of The Combined Regiments Caledonian All Male Choir (John Burns & Neil Holland) belted out a fine rendition of Flower of Scotland. In addition to another ditty that no one understood - but we suspect it relates to doing nasty things to The English?
Post lunch we descended to the ground floor bar for a decompression drinks session where we were joined by a late arrival at the wood-choppers ball - Faggster Mr Gavin Greenwood ex AAJLR/Queens Surreys/Int. Corps & Singapore Dawn Watchers Society.
After a few beers there was a phased withdrawal leading to ENDEX.
The next Combo Lunch will be November 2013, likely - venue The Rifles Mess Mayfair London W1.
The Combo lunch is an open event guests and friends are always welcome. There were 14 attendees this year with two newcomers - Paul Howard & Peter Brown. So Brogues & Faggsters if you know any kindred spirits that would like to join our antics - invite them along in 2013.
Sub note Faggster Mike Owsley had to "pull out" (pardon the pun) due to an emergency visit to the dentist! Fitting, considering The Venerable St Fagg was dentally challenged!”

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