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Minutes From The AAJLR Annual General Meeting
by Mike Owsley

Held at the Min-Y-Mor Hotel, Barmouth, Wales
Saturday 26th. March 2011 at 1705 hours
45 Members Present

The following tended their apologies
John Wiseman    Roger Pettit    Ken Hart 
Stuart Waring  Colin Gunning  Ian Mitchell 
Stan Preece  Ian Boyd  Denis Hill 
Tony Ford  Rod Burns  Stan Green 
Fred Philpott  Gerald Baker  Mick Chapman 
Jack Thomas  Dave Wakelin  Robert Shedden 
Bob Martin  John Burns  Gus Boag 
Tom Gracie  Alan Likeman  Tom Silverside 
John Greatholder  Bernie Watts  Gareth McLatchy 
Terry Jamieson  Bob Long  Barrie Jeffery 
Peter Monk  Steven Jones  Richard Sharpe 
Arthur Yelton  Bob Relph  Athol Deakin 
James Cameron  Reg Jukes  Dennis Scarf 
Barry Davis  John Larkham  Brian Bielby 
Colin Sibary Richard Rothwell   

Opening Address
The President opened the meeting at 1705hrs with the following:
The President welcomed everyone who made it to Barmouth in particular those who have made it for the first time. He also restated that decisions made by members at this meeting are binding.
The President asked members to stand to remember the comrades who have passed on in the past year.
Geoffrey Ainsworth
Graeme Jackson
Ian McPherson
Tony Kimberley
David Bailey
Bert Malseed
Jim Daniel
Bob Wilson

Minutes of the Previous Meeting
There was one matter arising from the previous year which was the application to place a commemorative plaque on or near the refuge on Cader Idris, the Secretary explained to the members that the committee had taken the matter up, however the council seemed to require a lot of money for what is a plaque to celebrate the Junior Leaders who had taken building materials to help refit the refuge all those years ago. They also required planning permission, however when Mike asked about the original consent application they put down the telephone. This subject will be brought up in AOB.
Proposal: That the minutes be passed as read.

Secretary’s Report
Mike said that he has tried various ways of trying to map everyone's address just in case they require a lift to reunions or need help in some other way; after trying for two years it would seem that old AAJLR members gravitate to the same areas of the country thereby making the map and information unreadable. The Secretary will try another avenue to see if it is possible. It was also suggested that we publicise through the website that should any member wishing to attend reunions have difficulty getting to Barmouth, they should make Mike or Richard aware and they will then be put in touch with an attendee from their area.
This year Mike said he was again able to place a notification of this reunion in the RBL Magazine and that it solicited a great response; therefore if possible, it is his intention to put a one page newsletter in the magazine, to let everyone know how the weekend went.
Mike asked that members please notify him when they change e-mail or home addresses.

Treasurer's Report
Richard said that 2010/2011 accounts were circulated (actually not done until the evening), that currently there is £386.80 in our account, and that would most likely be swelled considerably – if previous years are a guide – during this weekend. He reported that monies are held in a simple Nationwide Treasurers Book account which produces about a couple of pence a year interest; details are recorded on an Excel spreadsheet as circulated. There is no legal requirement for audit. Copies can be supplied to any member requesting one at any time throughout the year – just e-mail the Treasurer.
Our 'Shop' items (Association tie, plaque and lapel pin badges) are available from Mike. Richard said that for those who were unaware we buy the badges for £2 each and sell them for £5; the surplus going to our chosen charity.
Also that Mike had made envelopes available and that it would be appreciated if members paying annual subscriptions, buying shop items or making donations would use those envelopes, marking clearly their names and for what the money is intended. This cuts down the likelihood of money going astray, or of his not being able to work out from whom it derived.
Richard said it is a fact that, such is the nature of our Association that we do not even insist that those attending reunions have to be fully paid up members; however we cannot give to military charities or meet any occasional costs without sufficient funds. To that end he requested that those who have not paid their subscriptions for 2011/2012 – due on 1 April – should do so by means of the previously mentioned envelopes.
Richard pointed out that the cost of accommodation and for the buffet – separately for those staying elsewhere to this hotel – must be paid directly to the Min-Y-Mor.
The Treasurer asked that payments for membership, badges, ties and/or plaques should be placed in an envelope please with name and to what it refers on the outside. Also, if members had never completed a membership application or if their details, e-mail address or the like had changed there were some forms on the tables.
Richard advised that the cost of the hotel accommodation and the buffet must be paid directly to the Min-Y-Mor.

Richard reported that since 2007 we have supported certain charities, and that although we had made some donations to "Help for Heroes", the Army Benevolent Fund, St Dunstan's and Outward Bound Wales Mountain Rescue, our main charity has hitherto been Combat Stress, to where we have sent at total of £1,871.00. It was decided at the AGM last year that if the members present wished our recipient charity to be changed then a vote would be taken at the annual meeting.
Therefore, the 'contenders' for consideration by the members present are:
Combat Stress
Help for Heroes
The Army Benevolent Fund
The Royal British Legion
The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association
The British Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association
St Dunstan's (Charity for Blind Ex-Servicemen)
Outward Bound Wales (local mountain rescue)
(Note from Richard Rothwell read to the meeting)
(Also proposed by Richard Rothwell and their Newsletter circulated; their Secretary having contacted Mike)
Richard acknowledged that members present may well have other charities in mind but for this year he believed that this list would be sufficient from which to choose a recipient for 2011/2012. He added that between now and the 2012 AGM if anyone had a specific cause they wish to be considered next year, then to please let him know. He added that realistically, despite the great generosity of our members, we do not have large sums to donate so that we should not consider diluting that which we do provide.
Richard then read the list and invited members to propose and second a specific charity, that would be noted and if more than one was designated, a vote would be taken.
The list was reduced by the consent of those present to three choices, which with the proposers, seconders and number of votes cast, are as follows:
Combat Stress    
Proposed by Sam Gribben, seconded by Stan King. 23 votes. 
Help for Heroes  
Proposed by Bruce Watson, seconded by Geoff Brown. 3 votes. 
A proposal to alternate annually between Combat Stress And Help for Heroes  
Proposed by Rene Dee, seconded by Brian Marjoram. 13 votes. 
Therefore Combat Stress will be the nominated AAJLR Comrades Association for 2011/2012.

Any Other Business
Plaque for the refuge/hut on Cader Idris
(originally proposed by Rene Dee)
This has been returned to the agenda as the committee felt there was merit in the suggestion that the Junior Leaders who gave of their time carrying the materials to refurbish the refuge, should have a suitable memorial. As the refuge was originally constructed in 1897 we do not believe that planning would have been required, though to erect a plaque would now require a consent application. Following discussion it was decided that the Secretary, aided by Terry Scriven, will approach the subject of the plaque in a different manner. Members present, including Mike Owsley, Peter Rogerson, John Van Buiten, Brian Marjoram, Graham Bonewell, Larry Smith, Bruce Watson, Chris Elsey, Alan Moore, Keith Dance, Keith Tennant and Richard Abraham stated their willingness to make personal contributions should the project go ahead.
It was suggested that the Association provide a wreath for members' funerals. The general consensus was that this is a good idea but given that we are a time limited organisation, could become cost prohibitive. Also, in order for the suggestion to be effective it would mean immediate notification of the deaths. This will be considered by the committee case by case.
Personal Responsibility
This matter was placed on the agenda as the committee felt that members' personal responsibility for their actions during reunion weekends should be minuted. Richard pointed out that as an Association we do not, nor should we, carry any personal or public liability insurance. Whilst we have made at least one donation to a local charity on behalf of a member, the committee felt, and Richard proposed the motion, that personal safety was the responsibility of the individual and not of the Association; seconded by Sam Gribben and carried unanimously.
AAJLR Web Site
The Treasurer reminded the meeting that the fact most of us met annually was due largely to our superb website and its creator and webmaster Ken Hart, and that it has been practice to make a contribution – never requested by Ken – towards his running and maintenance of www.aajlr.org. It was proposed by Jim Sherville, and seconded by Graham Bonewell that the sum of £100 be sent to the webmaster; the Treasurer to action.
Reunion Name Badges
It was suggested – somewhat tongue in cheek we believe – that with our rapidly failing eyesight perhaps the reunion name badges could use a slightly larger font. That suggestion will be considered by the committee.
Changes of Address
It was suggested by Herbie Slaughter that when members changed their telephone, mobile numbers and e-mail addresses they should notify the Secretary as a matter of priority.
Website Forum User Names
Herbie also requested that forum users should be asked to provide their real names rather than an unidentifiable nickname. Richard pointed out that this is in Ken Hart's remit and not that of the committee but that such a recommendation will be forwarded to the webmaster for his consideration and comment.
Thanks for the Committee
Members wished their thanks for the organisation of the Association by Mike, Richard and Larry minuted. Larry stated that he "answered a few e-mails and makes a comment or two throughout the year, but its Mike and Richard who do the work". The committee thanked the membership for their support and stated that they were content to continue in post; in fact that running the Association was a pleasure.
10th. Anniversary Reunion
Whilst this does not take place until 2014 Larry suggested that members might like to give some thought to how they might like to commemorate this landmark occasion and notify Mike of their suggestions.
Closing Notes
The President reminded members that there is likely to be a speed trap, in the shape of a Police camera van, somewhere along the road out of Barmouth – traditionally in Bontddu - and he advised members to keep within the speed limit on their way home on Sunday.

Venue/Date - AGM 2012
This will take place at 1700 hours, on Saturday 24 March 2012 in the restaurant at The Min-Y-Mor Hotel, South Promenade, Barmouth, Gwynedd.
Members were advised to book early for the 2012 reunion.

There being no other business the President closed the meeting at 1810 hours.

Mike Owsley
Honorary Secretary
AAJLR Association

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