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Minutes From The AAJLR Annual General Meeting
by Mike Owsley

Held at the Min-Y-Mor Hotel, Barmouth, Wales
Saturday 31st. March 2007
43 Members Present

The following tended their apologies
Kevin Avery
Tom Brady
Roy Carmen
Bill Straughan
Tom Silverside
Fred Philpott
Bob Relph
Colin Gunning
Ken Hart
Alan Young
Stan Preece
Chuck Pettit
David Scott
Peter Rogerson
Terry Hope
Alan Likeman
Roy Roland
Alan Ventress
John Sabini
Colin Sibary
Alan Tolcher
Stuart Bonewell
Jim Day
Roy Raleigh
Malcolm Palfrey
Chris Eley
Peter Jennings
Jim Daniel
Brian Burke

Opening Address
The President opened the meeting at 1700 with the following:
Welcome to the 4th. AGM and reunion and thanked all for making the effort to attend. The President reminded everyone that decisions made at the AGM are binding.
The President raised the subject from a previous meeting with regard to a written constitution "We are a rather disciplined well organised Association which runs smoothly and therefore the need for a written constitution was not required, however, in the future as we grow it may be required, but not at this point".

Minutes of the Previous Meeting.
No matters arising from the previous minutes.
Proposal: That the minutes of the previous meeting be passed as read.

Election of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
Not required until the year 2010.

Secretary’s Report
Supporting a Military Charity.
It is felt that as a Military Association we could direct resources towards a Military Charity, one of the propositions was the charity 'Combat Stress' of which literature was available on the tables.
John Wiseman who has some experience with the organisation spoke about the how the organisation helped him over a particular incident in his life.
Proposal: That the Association support the charity 'Combat Stress'.

Update on the Memorial Stone.
This has been running for three years and not making headway. The Secretary has mailed the daughter of the Tonfanau camp site owner who indicated she would like to see the stone erected there, however no further reply has been forthcoming. Therefore Mike is again dealing with Arriva, the owners of the station at Tonfanau to see if a stone or some other form of memorial can be placed there. Mike has again taken a great load of photos to identify and to explain to Arriva the placement of such a stone or memorial. The Secretary will again look at a cheaper stone, as the last cost received was £1400, and then advise the Association of progress.

Location of the 2008 AGM.
The general consensus was the that Min-Y-Mor was ideal as they looked after our needs, however it was agreed that we would look at how we booked in order that as many as possible can be 'housed' in the Min-Y-Mor, and the Secretary will liaise with the owners to maximise the accommodation for next year. We will also look at briefing the other hotels that are used to persuade them not to lock their doors at midnight.
Proposal: That the AGM and Reunion be held at the Min-Y-Mor on April the 5th. 2008.

Written Constitution.
Taken up and answered by the President in his opening address.

Treasurers Report.
The Treasurer reported that we have £500-£600 in the account, and reminded members that the membership year runs from April to April. Copies of the accounts were available at the meeting.
The Treasurer informed the meeting that up to now the accounts had never been audited and that there appeared to be no requirement so to do. He repeated that the accounting system (Nationwide Treasurer’s Passbook Account and Excel Spreadsheet) is very simple and transparent. Richard said that at this meeting or at any other time should a member require a copy of the accounts they only have to e-mail or write to him he will provide one.
The Treasurer also reminded members that both he and the Secretary were not capable after the bar opened of receiving their money and therefore it should be placed in an envelope with a brief note of what it’s for, i.e. membership, plaques, ties or lapel badges.
The Treasurer explained that the proceeds of the raffle and sales from other sources would provide money to Ken Hart who manages the website; other monies would go to the charity Combat Stress in the form of a £3 donation for each lapel badge sold. The sum to which the charity benefits is enhanced by 28% when the person making the donation (buying a lapel badge) is a UK tax payer.
John Wiseman kindly donated £50 to Combat Stress to start our Association with the charity.
The Treasurer spoke about “Tracking them down” adding that he had contacted the former 'R' Company Permanent Staff Sergeant Jim Daniel, RMP.
In order to continue with his attempts to trace more former AAJLR colleagues, the Treasurer is trying to find Graduation Booklets from 1959, early 1960, early 1961, April and August 1962, April 1964 and August 1965.
Richard also told the members present that is they had any specific names they wished for him to try and ‘track down’ he would do so if possible.
Proposal: That the accounts are passed as read and that a donation is given to Ken Hart for the management of the site.

Any Other Business.
The President outlined the evening’s events reminding members of the raffle.
During the day several members and wives had visited Tom Silverside who is in ill health and unable to attend the reunion this year. A brief update was given to the meeting and it was expressed on behalf of the Association that we hope Tom is now on the mend and send him our good wishes for a speedy recovery; looking forward to seeing him next year.
We still have lots of lapel badges available from the Secretary.

There being no other business the President closed the meeting at 1800 hours.

Mike Owsley
Honorary Secretary
AAJLR Association

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