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Minutes Of The Members Meeting
Held At The Corbett Arms Hotel, Tywyn
9th. April 2005
30 Members in attendance
Item 1:  Opening Address
President:  Welcome to the second AAJLR Reunion and thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to once again meet at Twywn.
Apologies:  A number of apologies were read out from members who were unable to attend:
  Terry Hope Kev Avery
  Chuck Pettit John Sabini
  Roy Carman C Stead
  Stan King Gus Boag
  Colin Gunning Ken Hart
  Rene Dee Bill Lamb
Item 2:  Secretary’s Report
  The Secretary reminded members to pay for the Buffet and Subscriptions up to April 2006.
  Contact between members is sometimes difficult if I do not have the in date address or e-mail address, could members please inform me of any changes. A proforma was available for members to fill in and return to me. (This is also available on the web site)
  The Secretary noted that we as an association had 54 paid up members and 104 who used the site; therefore could we all join the Association???
  The Secretary mentioned that we had not heard from our Vice Chairman for some time and as I was visiting his part of the world I would look in on him. After note, I have spoken to Bill he has had a heart bypass and is on the mend, he was very pleased to hear from us and thanks you for the thought.
Item 3:  Election of a Committee
  The present Committee had run for 1 year therefore the committee was due for re-election or new members, the Secretary asked for volunteers., however a Proposal was offered “That the present committee be re-elected to serve a second term”
  Proposed by: J Thompson     —     Carried
Item 4:  E-Mails
  JT had been unable to see e-mail addresses on the site and asked if anyone minded the address being in the public domain??
  Proposed by: J Thompson     —     Carried
Item 5:  Treasurers Report
  The Treasurer spoke about the state of the funds and handed out copies of the accounts as of 5th April. He also asked for membership subscriptions to be paid promptly.
  A discussion on how to pay by Direct Debit or standing order ensued. The Secretary will look into it and report back to members.
Item 6:  The Comrades Association
  The President informed all that the Association is a legal Association registered with the Army. He also asked if we should have a Constitution of which it was agreed to produce one for members to take a view. The Secretary informed the meeting that he had started on one which will shortly be available on site for comment.
Item 7:  Motor Cycle Club
  Members were asked if we wished to support the Motor Cycle club (location on the AAJLR Camp Site) by producing a trophy for them to use and to remember the camp by.
  Proposed by Barry Jeffery that we purchase a suitable trophy for the Motor Cycle Club and offset the cost from funds by £50.     —     Carried
Item 8:  Commemoration Stone
  The Secretary asked if the Members still wanted some form of commemorative stone and were its location to be. The favoured location was the Tonfanau station as it we all arrived and departed from that point. The feeling for the stone to be on the site of the camp may with its development be lost in time. The Secretary has been in contact with both the Council and the Snowdonia National parks to sound out about erecting a monument and what form it will take. The Secretary will keep members informed of progress.
Item 9:  Searchline
  Richard Abraham spoke about the Searchline and how many former members have been found, but could all members continue to give him any information of former Junior Leaders.
Item 10:  AAJLR Plaques and Badges
  The President went on to speak about a AAJLR plaque given the success of the AAJLR tie, at that moment the view of the members a plaque was a PS issue and that none of the Juniors had seen one. Peter Wooldridge then offered the President an AAJLR Plaque which he found on eBay, the President will find out the production costs and let members know.
Item 11:  Any Other Business
  The subject of moving away from the Corbett Arms was raised as the thought was it was old, tardy, run down, (seems to me ideal for us) Various other locations were mentioned including middle England, Military camps. Other views of note;
  • Not all members could or would afford a hike in price
  • Problems with Military Establishments
  • Location had to have good wheel chair access
  • Had to be large enough for a growing membership
  • It was at Tonfanau that we served and not middle England
  • This is only the second reunion; let's get some stability in one place
  It was proposed that we move away from Tywyn to a more central location?     —     Not Carried
  It was proposed that we look at Barmouth and other locations within 20 miles.     —     Carried
  The question of former soldiers being on the streets of London and other Cities was raised, the opinion was that we are unable to help as an association but would form a link to one of the agencies who do look after Welfare cases. The Secretary informed the meeting that a link was available thru the www.ARRSE website.
Item 12:  Date of the Next Reunion
  It was agreed that we would keep the reunion to the first week in April. Therefore the next reunion general meeting will be at 1730 at a location to be determined.
The President then closed the meeting.

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