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From René Dee

Now Boys Again.
These men; bald, grey and lime -
with others who have stood the test of time,
stare across a crowded room
straining to find those they knew as boys
in a time, long ago, when guns were their toys.
A wheelchair glides by; can that be Chuck?
"Say you remember when the cookhouse blew up".
There's pathos here as they cling to the past,
of memories that blind or awake in the night
but now come alight when they serve to unite.
Now boys again, together they share
moments sublime and moments to scare,
in a camp, on a mountain,
in a land often railed,
to discover 40 years on
that this bond has not failed.
Written Brighton-London-Brighton 6th. April 2004. This followed the first reunion on 3rd. April 2004 at Tywyn of the All Arms Junior Leaders Regiment (AAJLR) since its formation in 1959 and closure in 1966. The Regiment was based at a bleak camp at a place called Tonfanau in the then Merionethshire (now Gwynedd) close to a town called Towyn (now Tywyn).

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