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From John Thompson

A Small World.
A predictable story perhaps but I will tell you anyway.
On the Friday night of reunion weekend I was in the bar, reconnoitering of course and having a milky coffee or two.
Amongst the talk (I was knee deep in bullets or was it sheepshite? Not sure) I heard a lady mention the word Oliver.
Corporal Oliver no less, PTI, footballer, runner, ballache and Geordie. He was good at being a Geordie.
I hate to begin a sentence with seriously but he was a great member of staff. Fair, firm and friendly and a welcome change from some I could mention and a person who I will always remember from Tonfanau and the Army.
He was a great boxing coach and would give me some useful pointers when he was in my corner........ "See him in the corner over there with the blue sash..... Gan an belt im one!" And other such words of wisdom.
I asked the lady when he had died and where? The news that he was living in Aberdovey, 68 yrs old and seriously alive and well was a wonderful and touching moment for me. If I had not sat down, where I did, at the time I did, I would not be writing this.
To cut a long story short. The lady phoned her partner and got Geordies phone number. I spoke to him and a delightedly happy and great chap attended the reunion dinner. We are in touch now......... forever. He was so happy and that is what it is all about.
Best Wishes to all of you.

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