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'R' Company Photographs

Photograph from Paul Treen

Are These 'R' Company?

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Unknown Photo 1.
Sgt. Daniel and Lt. Theis.
Paul Treen comments:
Lt. Theis is named on the photo. He is also listed in 7/62 graduation book as 3 Platoon Commander. Photo likely to be 3 Platoon as Sgt. Love RASC also on there.
Paul found these photos on a RMP website 'Watchdog defender of the realm' which had quite a few Tonfanau photos (mostly taken from this site). These new ones were posted by 'DH1' (S/Sgt. Hellings - perhaps)? I would like to ask him to please send me copies of these in a larger format! They look like early 60s judging by the Service Dress - and Paul believes they are 'R' Company by the berets!! Sergeant Love (RASC) is on this photo. He was there in 1964 when Paul joined.

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If you have any Company photos I would love to show them.

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