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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
An anonymous writer, signing this article "Our Own Correspondent", which is not true, submitted the following report. In spite of the mask he was wearing he looked very like a retired officer now with us as a civilian.
To get the best out of a tour of the Hobby clubs, it is necessary to seek out those secluded corners, where, although away from the glare of public view, the excitement is often intense. I visited the Chess Hobby and witnessed a thrilling postal match in progress. The excitement in this hobby has been so intense lately that several boys have been unable to stand the strain, and have asked for transfers.
Seeking something quieter and less wearing on the nerves I went in search of the newest hobby, Judo. There I found several boys "getting knotted", as the technical Judo term has it. The hobby master was giving a talk on garotting, while O.C. First Aid Wing, who happened to be visiting, seemed to be smiling to himself about something. I left quickly and after watching the hobbymaster of the Woodwork Hobby making an inventory of short thick planks, which he was counting in pairs, visited the Cookery Hobby. The storekeeper had asked for silence as, with the Administrative Inspection coming up he was counting the "hundreds and thousands".
The last hobby which I visited was one I had great difficulty in tracking down. This, I was told was a group 5 hobby called Walkabout. This consists of boys who spend hobby period walking from one hobby to another, making enquiries about vacancies. This was all I had time for, but do not be discouraged if your own hobby has not been mentioned. Sir John Hunt knows that you are doing a good job.



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