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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
In the last G.C.E. examination, thirty-five Junior Leaders had successes in nine different subjects. The key to results is: A-Art, B-Human Biology, E-English, F-French, G-General, H-Geography, K-German, M-Maths, S-General Science
  J/Pte. Ainsley, T. C. E  
J/Pte. Anderson, A. G. E
J/Sig. Arkley, A. B. E
J/Cpl. Bingham, M. J. E
J/L/Cpl. Britton, T. A. G
J/Cpl. Caffyn, B. B
J/Sgt. Derrick R. E
J/Pte. Drinkall, A. G. E
J/L/Cpl. Goldthorpe, A. H. H
J/Pte. Harris, R. M. E
J/Pte. Hick, R. G
J/L/Cpl. Hollinshead, D. E. F and M
J/Sig. Jones, E. R. E
J/Cpl. Kirkpatrick-Smith, A. E and G
J/Sgt. Lewis, D. W. M
J/Cpl. Mackintosh, G. M. M
J/L/Cpl. MacQueen, C. H. F. F and H
J/Pte. McFadzean, K. W. E
J/Pte. Millerchip, D. R. B and K
J/Cpl. Moorhouse, D. T. E
J/Sgt. Morton, G. G. F. H
J/Pte. Nebel, M. A. G and M
J/Pte. Nixon, A. P. G
J/L/Cpl. Oram, M. E. G
J/Gnr. Osborne, G. G
J/Pte. Page, G. B
J/Cpl. Robson, J. A
J/Pte. Rudd, R. A
J/L/Cpl. Ryles, J. A. B and E
J/L/Cpl. Sams, H. R. S
J/Sgt. Skinner, M. G
J/Cpl. Smith, J. A. B
J/Cpl. Walsh, A. G and S
J/Sgt. Watson, R. A. E and H
J/L/Cpl. Woodward, P. A





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