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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
In the inter-company quiz, J/Cpl Britton won fame as the first "Brain of Tonfanau", after a most exciting tussle between 'C' and 'D' Companies in the final round. Individual scores were kept during the contest and "Tom" Britton was presented with four tins of pilchards (food for his brain) and a small silver cup as a member of the winning team.
The winter fair was a great success and all platoons put in an enormous amount of effort into making their stalls attractive. The result, £19, was most gratifying and some of the money was spent on Christmas presents and groceries for the residents of Towyn Old People's Home, while the remainder was put aside to give them an outing and tea-party again in the summer.
The great freeze after Christmas will long be remembered though we were very lucky not to have any burst pipes. Hot coffee was in great demand in the cafe in the evenings, and the committee (plus two oil stoves) gave gallant service in keeping up supplies. As the weather improved, we managed to get our usual matches organised again versus the Officers and Sergeants and the members of the Corporals' Club also challenged our darts team. Weekly competitions were started and proved popular for a time, while a "scavenger hunt" caused some hilarious moments one Sunday afternoon with competitors dashing round searching for blackberry leaves, cotton reels, sheep's wool, lumps of ice, etc.
As this year saw the start of only one intake a term into 'R' Company – Tuesday evenings (normally reserved for 'R' Company) in the second half of the term were allocated in turn to each of the training Companies as a "Company games night". These were organised within the Companies with the Social Centre Committee providing the usual cafe service. Just after Easter the Blood Donor Unit visited the Camp and after a little campaigning 57 members of the Permanent Staff came to give blood. Members of Towyn Red Cross came to serve tea and biscuits afterwards.
By publication date we should have the new ceilings completed in the lounge and games room. Part of the roof has been completely replaced and these new lower ceilings will be a great improvement as well as being much warmer in the winter.





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