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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
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J/CSM Cook, J/CSM Saunders, J/RSM Scriven, J/CSM Morton and J/CSM Raines.
Pictured above is the Junior hierarchy, the Junior RSM and the four CSMs. What goes on behind the shining buttons and the martial manner?
Junior Regimental Sergeant Major Striven of `C' Company comes from Halifax in Yorkshire, where he was head boy of Ovenden Secondary Modern School. He played for Halifax Schoolboys at Rugby, and has continued to play Rugby in fanatical style, to some effect, at Tonfanau. Currently he is a member of the Regimental Athletics Club, as a speed merchant. He arrived at Tonfanau in October 1961 and was promoted Lance Corporal March 1962; he achieved the final rung of Junior RSM in February of this year. He graduates to the Royal Military Police at the end of this term.
Also bound for R.M.P. are Junior CSM Cook, 'A' Company, and Junior CSM Raines of 'D' Company. Both arrived in Tonfanau in the September intake of 1961 and graduate at Christmas. Raines is a Lancastrian, from Walkden near Manchester, captain of the Regimental Basketball Team, and a keen member of the Regimental Climbing Club. Cook comes from Dartford in Kent, and is a hockey specialist.
Breaking the R.M.P. monopoly are two Infantrymen, J/CSM Saunders of 'B' Company, bound for the South Wales Borderers, and J/CSM Morton of 'C' Company, who graduates at Christmas to the Royal Welch Fusiliers. Morton is the author of the article on the centre pages of this magazine. He attended Segontium School in Caernarvon and is a cross-country enthusiast. Saunders, a pupil of Pagefield College, is the longest serving member of the five, arriving here in June, 1961. He comes from Newport, Monmouthshire, and so is (according to some authorities) a Welshman like Morton.
Four of the Top Five are sitting G.C.E. subjects this term. J/CSM Cook has the biggest commitment, being entered for English, Art and General Studies, but J/CSM Morton has got a start, having already passed 'O' level Geography.
From the above it should be possible to work out the recipe for success here. Have you?





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