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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
The Go-Kart Hobby, pictured below, is one which seems very popular with visiting headmasters, who invariably take a little time off to watch, as do the increasing numbers of motorists who often stop their cars on the main road when we use the Parade Ground. The hobby has thrived over the past year and now has eight Karts, including four with new improved British-made engines. These new Karts are slightly faster and more robust and it is hoped that they will have a longer life. The membership of the hobby remains about twenty, which is the best number as it allows all members to drive frequently and really get to know the engine.
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Go-Karts in action on their circuit near the Guard Room.
The Camera Club are moving into colour work. They are already producing colour transparencies of two types and are now experimenting with colour printing from colour negatives, an even more difficult process. A crucial factor in colour work is that the temperature of the solutions and of the dark room has to be kept steady at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not so bad in summer, but winter in Tonfanau is going to present some difficulties. Expeditions have been made to Castel-y-bere and to Harlech, and two boys have entered black and white photographs for the Army Arts and Crafts exhibition.
Another attraction to visitors (a whole train-load during the Queen's Birthday Parade) is the Corps of Drums. With its numbers maintaining a steady 60, its weekly stint on RSM's Parade keeps everything in tune for displays at Barmouth, Dolgellau and Butlin's Holiday Camp at Pwllheli, and for Soldier magazine's Junior Soldiers' Music and Drum Festival. The Regiment won the Command round of the Corps of Drums section of this competition, and are looking forward to future rounds. J/Pte Cleland has won the Commandant's bugler competition for the third time in succession. The Bugle, presented by Major General Lewis Pugh, CB, CBE, DSO, J.P., DL, was recovered from Communist terrorists in Malaya in 1952 by a patrol of the 1st Cameronians. By a coincidence J/Pte Cleland is also bound for the Cameronians.
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The Corps of Drums march past on a Graduation Parade rehearsal.
Mechanical Engineering is a new hobby, founded this term with 14 boys. Under the supervision of civilian driving instructors they learn in six months the dismantling and re-assembly of the four stroke petrol engine and its mechanical accessories.
Newly launched in a different sense are the five G.P. 14 dinghies of the Sailing Club, now down at Aberdovey for use at weekends and on Wednesday afternoons, all very smart after their new winter re-paint. Special care is being given to the boat which will go to the Arts and Crafts Exhibition at Earls Court in June.
The Model Electric Car Club has a 70 foot length of slot track in working order, made of balsa wood, cardboard and metalised tape. They are engaged in constructing a new track from hardboard, plywood and "flexislot' which they hope to complete this term. Eventually the large track will be similarly converted, but this will take several terms.
Last term the Gymnastic Hobby had a win against HMS Conway, and successfully obtained a number of Gold and Silver Awards. This term the boys are practising hard for a number of displays to be given at Barmouth, Dolgellau and Butlin's Holiday Camp at Pwllheli.
In the Radio Club communication between the continents is now established by Amateur Station GW3 J.G.M. and operators from USA to USSR have found the name of Tonfanau unpronouncable. Communication with Combined Cadet Force Units has also been made on the military net, using the call sign 7B. The Club is handicapped by lack of higher powered transmitters and the devastation periodically wreaked on aerial arrays by local gales. Contact has been re-established with Major D. A. Barry R.Sigs, who used to operate for the hobby under his call sign GW3ONU, but who now operates from Germany as DL 2HO.
There has been great activity in the Art and Pottery Hobby this term, to replace the pictures set aside for the Army Arts and Crafts Exhibition, which were burned as rubbish by the cleaners. Undiscouraged by this incendiary art criticism, the boys still hope to retain the Challenge Shield for the Regiment and have obtained four Gold Awards in Art this term. The pottery section has moved to new accommodation.
Another innovation this term has been the Judo Club, for which adequate equipment has been obtained. The full quota of 20 members is now in hot pursuit of belts of varying hues and no further vacancies will exist for some time. It is hoped that some of the members will be graded before the end of the Summer. The Roller Skating Hobby, although depleted in numbers varies its activities by playing games on skates, the most popular adaptation being hockey and handball with a Rugby ball. An amalgamation sounds to have possibilities. Judo on Skates?
After a winter spent in construction, the twelve Model Aircraft Club members sallied forth to launch their balsa progeny on maiden flights. Many alas crashed to destruction amid ribald guffaws from the Bowmen of Tonfanau, busy demonstrating on the greensward the superior aerodynamics of the arrow. One radio model escaped from control and was last seen heading seawards in the general direction of Ireland. J/Pte Stock, however has produced two more models for the Army exhibition.
The other craftsmen of the Leatherwork Hobby, having spent a long time preparing exhibits for the Army exhibition, have high hopes for their joint exhibit with the Archers, a quiver and six arrows. All in the hobby have now reached the silver standard and the aim is now to produce a gold medallist. Popular at the moment are duffle bags and cases for transistor radios. Finally distinction for the Woodwork Hobby as J/Pte Rainsbury has been invited back to his old school, St. John's Royal Latin Grammar School in Buckingham where, at the time of the opening of some new School Buildings by H.M. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, some furniture made by him is to be displayed.





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