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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
The Shooting Hobby has now been in existence for some four years. Every term we compete for a central competition such as the Army Boys' Cup, the I.C.I. Challenge Cup and the Light Infantry Brigade Cup (Full-Bore). Our first success came in 1960 in the Army Boys' Cup which we have held ever since. In 1962 we competed against the Regular Army for the I.C.I. Challenge Cup and came eighth out of a total of 53 teams. This year we would rather not disclose our position, but would prefer to offer our warmest congratulations to J/Sgt Thorne, 'C' Company on shooting his way into the final of the Individual Shoot. We wish him the best of luck. Also in 1962 we won the N.S.R.A. Junior Marksman's Shield. This is presented to the Club with the highest points scored off the classification card. Unfortunately (or was it?) our closest rival, H.M.S. Ganges did not compete last year. This term we say goodbye to J/Sig Davidson, our oldest inhabitant, and J/Sgt Thorne of 'C' Company, to J/Gnr Long and J/Pte Madrell of 'A' Company and to J/L/Cpl Mountford of D Company. We wish them the best of luck in their future service and hope to meet them again or some far distant range.





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