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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
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Junior Leaders dig out a farm in Cardiganshire
by Sgt G. H. AINSWORTH, 15/19 H
The severe cold weather, which came near to paralysing Britain in the first two months of this year, prevailed here also and many small farms were cut off. On three occasions during the middle of February, I accompanied groups of boys snow clearing in the Cwmystwyth area of Cardiganshire.
Leaving camp early in the morning it was a long cold ride to our destination, for although the main roads had been cleared of snow, it was still lying deep on the surrounding hillsides. On arriving, we were met by a representative of the National Farmers Union who took us to a track which leads up the hillside to a farm. This was the track we had to clear. It was around half a mile in length and about eight feet wide and had been blocked with drifts of snow since Christmas.
Armed with picks and shovels we made a start, thinking what a cold job we had to face, but after one hour the boys were hot and ready for a break. The Messing Officer had provided a cook for us, and by 11.30 a.m. he had prepared hot tea for all. At lunch we had hot stew and haversack rations.
Resuming our digging after lunch, we began to see results from our labours, as in places the snow had been as high as twelve feet. Although the work was arduous the boys kept cheerful and the farmer who came to visit us was surprised and thankful to find we had cleared moor than half-way. This track was essential to bring in food for his livestock. When 5 p.m. came we climbed into our truck, with aching backs and calloused hands, but not dismayed at the thought of another few days' digging.
Before these days were up and we finally downed tools we had helped to dig out the farms of Pan-llan-isaf, Esgain, Milwyn and Ty-Mawr. On completion of our task, we were gratified to receive a letter from the National Farmers' Union thanking us for our help, thus bringing a greater feeling of co-operation between the forces and farmers to this area.





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