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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
With the Christmas leave behind us we came back to a very cold Wales to start off the first thirteen week recruits training term. Just before Christmas S.Sgt Hellings left for the land of the Kilt and bagpipes, and he was replaced by Sgt Daniel from "The Plain".
When the intake for 120 boys, including J/Pte Partington whose brother was in 2 platoon a year earlier, and the almost identical Foster twins, arrived, it was very cold and the camp water supply was frozen. By the time water was on tap again everybody could expertly wash and shave in mess tins heated on a coke stove. Unfortunately there was insufficient snow to stop drill. The Adjutant's Shield for the best platoon at drill and turnout was won for the second time by 1 Platoon, and the best recruit after six weeks training was J/Pte Brown of 1 Platoon.
With the term drawing to an end we prepared ourselves for the Easter leave, and a new Company Commander. It was with a note of sadness that the Company said goodbye to Major Taylor, who returns to his Regiment in Germany. We wish him and his family all the very best for the future. In has place we would like to welcome Major Stone who joins us from the warmer climate of Hong Kong. The end of the Easter Term brought two more changes, Lt. Theis has left us for 'D' Company, and has been replaced in 3 Platoon by Lt. Thompson, who two weeks after arrival got married. Our congratulations to him and his wife. Sgt Paine has joined 1 Platoon and Sgt Faulkner has gone to Aldershot to become a CSM. We wish him success on his course. We must add our congratulations to the many Sgt Rawlins has received since becoming a father and to Sgts Gracie and Finlay in passing successfully their educational exams.
At the beginning of the Summer term we started on the second whole term recruit training with 140 boys, and at the time of writing "Pass Out" is but ten days away.





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