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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
Apart from an uncomfortable Spring Term in more ways than one, 'D' Company have had a comparatively peaceful year. Cambrai Platoon won the 1962 Inter Platoon Cricket Competition and the Company were runners-up in the Champion Company Competition for Spring, 1963. Mrs. Cook has left the Company Office for Bovington and we wish her the best of luck and thank her for all her loyal and hard work in the Company. We welcome WOII Holloway, RMP, who took over from WOII Ward, R. Warks Fus, who moved to Headquarter Company. SQMS Tubbs, R Tks relieved SQMS Hansen who returned to his Regiment on promotion.
CAMBRAI - Pl. Comd: Lt. Brodie BW. Pl. Sgt: T. C. White RPC.
We have lost Lt. Neil to the Army Outward Bound School and Sgt Wilson to his Regiment. We welcome Lt. Brodie as our new platoon commander and hope his stay with us will be long and happy. We have had our fair share of Regimental Sportsmen - Grace, Hope, Henderson, Snelling, Cox, Lamb and J/CSM Raines have all played for Regimental Teams. Our skiers, J/CSM Raines and J/Cpl Dunstan, both sent postcards which suggested that the snow was not the only attraction of the Cairngorms.
DETTINGEN - Pl. Comd: Lt. D. T. Jackson R Worcs. Pl. Sgts: D. Holmes RASC and W. G. Bell RMP.
Apart from Regimental Garden raiding parties, Dettingen carried out some extremely interesting exercises in the hills during the Company Menai Spring Weekend. We were in camp under the shadow of Cader Idris and succeeded in terrorising the countryside by active patrolling. We have been well represented in Regimental Sports Teams, the most successful being the fencers, of whom J/Sgt Lamb and J/L/Cpl Wiseman are prominent members. We welcome Sgts Holmes RASC and Bell RMP to the platoon and hope they find us as charming as did Sgt Brown RA who is leaving us for his Regiment.
MINDEN - P1. Comd: Lt. Theis RMP. Pl. Sgt: D. W. Ward Foresters.
Lt. Theis RMP has taken over the Platoon from Captain Gordon RA and we wish them both good fortune in their respective jobs. Boxing has been the platoon's main sport and no fewer than fifteen J/Ldrs from Minden represented the Regimental Team at some time during the past season. We are sure this is a record. J/Sgt Sheldon an J/Sig Bates both won Western Command Junior Boxing titles.
WATERLOO - Pl Comd: Capt Lockett R.Sigs. Pl. Sgts: E. G. Pitchford SWB, and N. O. Miller Int.Corps.
We welcome Capt. Lockett, R.Sigs and Sgt Pitchford SWB to the platoon and hope their stay will be a happy one. J/Gnr Herbert won the best shot prize for the Spring Term and he's even been known to have cleaned his marksman's badge. We congratulate J/Sgt Robson and J/Bdr Kemley on achieving `B' gradings at the Outward Bound School, and J/Cpl Kerry on reaching the semi-finals of the Western Command Junior Boxing Championships.





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