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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
The long awaited repainting is now going ahead rapidly and brighter billets are doing much to dim the memory of the rigours of this last Tonfanau winter. Last term we lost over 40 Junior Leaders to man's service and a further 26 will leave at the end of this term. We wish them all success and good future.
Of our past graduates, Courage, Patton, Farrow and Mitchell are now Corporals. Farrow is instructing recruits in Weapon Training and Bombardier Mitchell is playing both rugger and cricket for his regiment in Larkhill. Larkham distinguished himself by passing out top of his course at Yeovil.
At the end of the winter term we proudly became the first Champion Company and in doing so, won the shooting, the Rhyl Cup and were runners up in the soccer Cup and Normandy as runners up in the inter platoon soccer. The Company also won the cross-country competition with Normandy Platoon as the individual winners.
Last term we again won the Champion Company Competition and also the shooting, the Rhyl Cup and the Rugger Competitions. We were second in the Basketball and the seven-a-side Rugby, and Alamein and Normandy Platoon were second and third in the individual placings in the Rhyl Cup. Perhaps it is as well to record that we were last in the Drill Competition on each occasion.
Amongst our present members we have our first Junior RSM in RSM Scriven. Junior CSM Morton had the honour of accompanying Sir John Hunt and a distinguished group of mountaineers on a journey through Greece.
Last term we managed to supply nine members of the Regimental First Fifteen and this term we have our share in the Regimental cricket, athletics, canoeing and fencing teams. Our members of the regimental shooting team continue to do well.
We welcome Sergeants Redknap, MM., Bishop and Mobbs into the Company and hope they will enjoy their service with it as much as those who are leaving before next term's Company Notes are written and we wish Major Gladwyn, Captain Goddard, Lt. Horsfall, SSM Webb and Sgt Benn all success in their next appointments.





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