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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
With regret we say goodbye to CSM Watts at the beginning of term. He survived the change from the tranquillity of HQ Company to the mighty uproar of a training company with ease. We all wish him every success in his new appointment at Aldershot. CSM Marshall is with us now and is settling in well.
The platoons in their notes give all the Company activities.
BALACLAVA PLATOON - Last term saw a great deal of activity, mainly in the sporting world in which Balaclava figured prominently. J/Cpl Anderson, J/Bdr Freeman and J/Pte Turner were all members of the Regimental 1st XV in its successful season. In boxing Mitchell 45 boxed for the Regimental Team and in the Individual Western Command Championships, where he reached the semi-finals. J/L/Cpl Long, too, may well have fought in the Western Command Championships but for untimely cartilage trouble, J/Pte Mitchell 46, J/Sig Farell and J/Sig Arkley represented the Regiment in a successful hockey season, the first two playing in the final of the Western Command Hockey Championships. J/Sgt Percival, J/Bdr Parry, J/Gnr Bates and J/Pte Barrow were our Cross Country representatives, the first three boy being members of the Regimental VIII. Percival and Parry ran particularly well this season. In the Rhyl Cup team competition Balaclava performed well, but an extremely poor result in the shooting forced the team to eighth place. Congratulations to J/Sgt Cook who was promoted to J/CSM last term, making a vacancy for a J/Sgt, a post ably filled by J/Cpl Percival. Other Junior NCOs this term are J/Cpls Parry and Anderson and J/L/Cpls Leitch, Long and Wheeler. There has also been a change in the management and we are very sorry to see Lt. Peplow (Devon and Dorset Regiment) go. Lt. Clube (Green Howards) now warms the chair.
FALAISE PLATOON - During the inter-term holiday,, visit to the "smoke" by J/Ldrs Bye, Cantrell, Horsler and Frearson unfortunately failed, for although they arrived at the right time and on the right day they had forgotten to agree on a recognisable R.V. Adventure Training Wing to note. J/Pte Whitehead went on an educational trip to Germany where he learned many phrases that will hold him in good stead in man's service. The following boys have all represented the Regiment in sport: J/Cpls Browning and Glister, J/Ptes Burchett, Brown, Burnett, Whitehead and Mould, J/Gnrs Horsler, Barrett, Cantrell and McMahon and J/Sig Varley. Special mention should go to J/Pte Burnett on his cross country running results, J/Cpl Browning, who showed real promise as a hockey player, and to J/Pte Burchett for scoring those very popular tries in the final of the Inter Company sevens.
IMPHAL PLATOON - The Spring term was one of survival rather than achievement. However, notable performances were made by J/Gnr Cockerill and J/Gnr Moloney in the Regimental Rugby Team. They also represented the Company in the end of term seven-a-side competition. J/Sgt McGurk was chosen to go on the British Expedition to Greece and J/Pte Findlater completed his Duke of Edinburgh's tests to qualify for the Gold Award. Regimental representatives at cricket this term are J/Gnrs Jackson and Philp. We have some potential athletes too. The platoon accomodation has just been completely re-wired, so next winter will no doubt herald an abundancy of electric irons, fires, radios and bedside lamps and the electric floor polisher may even make a second appearance. Captain Glydon, who took over on 4th January from Lt Kavanagh, leaves this term, so some of our older boys will see their fourth platoon commander next term. Sgt Moyes leaves us after a term and a half. Sgt Brooking soldiers on.
KNIGHTSBRIDGE PLATOON - At the beginning of the Winter Term, the platoon changed commanders, Lt I. M. Gillies, RASC, taking over from Lt. B. J. N. Coombs, RTR. Owing to bad weather, there was not much sport played, but we did have J/Sgt Derrick and J/L/Cpl Hobbs playing in the Regimental XV and also in the Company seven-a-side team which won the Inter-Company Competition. The platoon also did well in winning the Spring Term Rhyl Cup Competition by the handsome margin of 23 points. In the team were:- J/Sgt Derrick, J/Cpls Valentine and Kent, J/Gnrs Long and Wilson, J/Ptes Madrell and Makepeace, J/Sig Milburn and J/L/Cpl Kiernan.





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