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Leader Magazine
SUMMER 1963.
This first annual edition of Leader is a completion of the record of a year's events, and it marks the final stage of its establishment as a proper Regimental magazine. The Business Manager proposes to start a subscription scheme whereby the magazine can be sent to Permanent Staff and Junior Leaders after their departure from Tonfanau. Although eventually all the names would become meaningless, several people have felt that the two or three issues following their departure would be of interest. Details will be announced later.
The enlarging of the magazine has enabled us to include some articles of more general interest. Junior Leaders, pockets heavy with end-of-term accumulated credits, should read, with a possible proprietory interest, Captain Millington's article on PVT cars. (the more ambitious ones noting that the list of cars at the end includes Mercedes-Benz).
All contributors are thanked for their efforts, writers and artists alike. It came to our notice that Major Barrow's oil paintings were being exhibited in the Bron-y-mor building, so we jumped on the band-wagon and invited him to contribute. The picture-map on page l4 in years to come may have considerable value as a first edition print of what, in Art terminology, will probably be known as his "khaki period". The photographs, with the exception of those illustrating the German and Greek articles, are the work of Captain Martin and the Camera Club's Rolleiflex. Our thanks are also due to Solder magazine for permission to adapt their "How Observant are You?" feature, and for donating a prize, of a year's free subscription to Soldier to the winner of the competition on page 17. The original drawings are by Captain Stitt and have elicited cries of admiration even in the proof stage.
We have had a good response from advertisers, both local and national, and you are asked, as far as is possible, to return their goodwill with your custom.
Editor: Capt. D.H. Oxley, R.A.E.C.
Business Manager: Capt. R. Martin, R.A.E.C.





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