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Graduation Days

Submitted by David Hollinshead

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Graduation Parade - April 1963.
March Past of Left Half No1 Company.
In Front
I.F.Parr B Company - (Int.Corps)
Front Rank (Left to Right)
1st H.R. Sams? B? Company - (RMP)
2nd J.W. Barker? C Company - (RA)
3rd R.M. Harris B Company - (Int.Corps)
5th D.R. Millerchip C Company - (Int.Corps)
6th A. Kirkpatrick-Smith C Company - (Int.Corps)
7th J.M. Cliff C Company - (R.Sigs)
9th D. Dabinett C Company - (RA)
11th C.J. Roberts C Company - (RA)
Centre Rank (Left to Right)
1st A.H. Goldthorpe C Company - (R.Sigs)
3rd C.H.F. MacQueen C Company - (R.Sigs)
4th D.E. Hollinshead C Company - (Int.Corps)
9th S.R. Miller C Company - (R.Sigs)
10th I.R. Cameron C Company - (R.Sigs)
11th   B.C. Dick? C Company - (RMP)
Rear Rank (Left to Right)
2nd A.G. Drinkall C Company - (Int.Corps)
3rd P. Whitcher C Company - (Glosters)
Bringing Up The Rear
J.A. Smith C Company - (RMP)
Just To The Left And Way Behind Jim Smith
T.A. Scriven J/RSM (RMP)

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